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Life or Death

Life or Death

Imagine a country new to the democratic process, only recently formed and still subject to endemic corruption and violence. Such is the fictional nation of Costaguana, where the action-filled story of Life or Death takes place.

This feature film is intended to be dramatic and highly entertaining, while at the same time raising a cry of alarm as democratic institutions and civil liberties decline in many parts of the world.

What will change Costaguana for the better? Another political party? A smarter political campaign? Or can Dominic Beaubien – an unwilling hero with a checkered past – be counted on to do the right thing? Will he become the leader he was meant to be, or succumb to the allure of power and wealth and fail to achieve his destiny?

By portraying a hero embodying universal values of honesty, integrity and good governance, Life or Death will lift the hopes and aspirations of ordinary people while reminding us that good can, indeed, triumph over evil; that the greatest of leaders are the ones who turn from self-interest to self-sacrifice for the ultimate good of their people.

Filming for Life or Death will take place later this year entirely on-location in Belize with a predominantly Belizean cast and crew. The primary shooting locations will be in and around Belize City, but also include the capital city of Belmopan and the highlands of the Cayo district near the border with Guatemala. Look for more details and updates as they happen.

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