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Messenger Films has a current slate of five beautiful and hopeful films for a global audience. Over the next 10 - 12 years, beginning in 2025, we plan to produce five feature-length films intended to reach “spiritual seekers” around the world.

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Each of these new films uses the language of cinema to engage seekers in a non-judgmental way, pointing them to God’s truth by means of that most enduring and effective of teachers—the poignant and well-crafted story.

Jesus often taught through parables, leaving his hearers to ponder the meaning of the tale. Our films also stimulate a process of self-examination by encouraging seekers to continue their quest for truth and meaning in life.

Or, as the Bible puts it: “To seek God while He may be found.”

The Cost

On average, each of the above-mentioned films carries a budget of $5 million dollars, amounting to a total campaign raise of $25 million dollars.

Means of Financing

In reliance on God’s provision, Messenger Films will seek individual donations and foundation grants to make up the total amount required. Messenger Films is a 501(c)(3) corporation (EIN 95-4217185) and contributions are tax-deductible.

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Track Record

Messenger Films was founded in 1988 by Cristóbal Krusen for the purpose of creating gospel-themed films contextualized for specific cultures and people groups around the world. More than thirty years later, over a billion people have seen a Messenger Films production with millions having professed a decision to follow Christ. Our films have been most widely viewed in countries of Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Previous films have included the Spanish-language classics Ropa Nueva para Felipe (New Clothes for Felipe) and ¿Con Quién Te Vas? (With Whom Will You Go?). Other highly influential films produced by Messenger Films include Final Solution, More Than Dreams, Undaunted, Sabina K. and Let Me Have My Son.


  • Jared Geesey
    As Chief Distribution Officer at Angel Studios, I've had the privilege of witnessing the exceptional talent of filmmakers from around the world. Among them, Cristóbal Krusen stands out with his artistic depth and global sensitivity. His films, rooted in his multicultural upbringing and extensive education, spanning from Harvard to NYU in literature and film, are more than just visual experiences - they are journeys into the heart of humanity. From his early work in Latin America to the critically acclaimed Final Solution and Sabina K., Cristóbal's films transcend boundaries and speak to a global audience. He has an ability to tell profound stories that touch hearts and inspire change. Investing in Cristóbal's work means investing in films that leave an indelible mark on the world.
    Jared Geesey
    Chief Distribution Officer, Angel Studios
  • Greg Wright
    Cristóbal Krusen's feature-film career has been bookended thus far by two very fine works of art, 2002's Final Solution, set against the backdrop of apartheid in South Africa, and the award-winning Sabina K. (2015), a gorgeously shot and sensitively-scripted film steeped in the racio-religious tensions of post-war Bosnia. Both films are based on true stories depicting how faith in Christ has transformed lives. And that is what is really at the heart of Krusen's work: the truth of human experience in connection to the eternal, and a profound affection for the purest ways in which cinema helps us approach and apprehend truth.
    Greg Wright
    Film Critic, South King Media
  • Alex Kendrick
    I was moved and inspired by Cris Krusen’s movie, Final Solution. His ability as a writer and director is rare and I have no doubt the Lord has many more fruitful years ahead of him. When a filmmaker can engage viewers the way Cris does, lives will be changed.
    Alex Kendrick
    Writer/Director/Actor Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, War Room
  • Josh D. McDowell
    I am a great admirer of the film work of Cristóbal Krusen. He is a “world Christian” with the eye of an artist and the heart of an evangelist. His films consistently demonstrate a deep compassion for others as well as a great passion to bring them the Good News through film.
    Josh D. McDowell

Hoped-For Results

Our films are intended to awaken a hunger and thirst among viewers to know the one, true God, who loves them and is calling them home. In faithfulness to our core mission, projects are chosen more on the basis of spiritual impact than projected financial return.

The Puzzle Factory

An ailing father, informed that his son has recovered from schizophrenia, travels to the state mental hospital to take him home, only to discover his son is nowhere to be found.

For a complete synopsis and screenplay email info@messengerfilms.com

The Heart

The unfaithful wife of a Georgia state senator receives a heart transplant from a devout Christian woman, leading to unexpected consequences. To be filmed in Georgia.

For a complete synopsis and screenplay email info@messengerfilms.com

Life or Death

Shadowed by a hired assassin, the son of a prominent political family must decide whether to be the righteous leader his country needs, or succumb to the status quo of corruption. To be filmed in Belize.

For a complete synopsis and screenplay email info@messengerfilms.com

It's A Beautiful Day

An investigative journalist inadvertently finds himself on a quest for spiritual meaning as he peels back the truth surrounding a missing immigrant in Australia. To be filmed in Australia.

For a complete synopsis and screenplay email info@messengerfilms.com

Dream House

Helped by an eclectic group of misfits, an elderly Jewish widower discovers new meaning in life when he builds the dream house he once promised his wife.

For a complete synopsis and screenplay email info@messengerfilms.com

Marwan's Story

The true story of a Muslim refugee from the Middle East who braves the open sea and unfamiliar culture and terrain of Europe in search of a better life.

For a complete synopsis and screenplay email info@messengerfilms.com