Other Ways to Give


Appreciated stocks, mutual funds, and bonds in taxable investment portfolios are a great and convenient way to support Messenger Films' mission to impact lives through film. Giving stocks (which you have held for a year or more) directly to our Messenger Films Single Charity Fund provides a significant opportunity to avoid capital gains taxes, receive a deduction at the full market value of the securities, and simplify your giving. Click the "Authorize Now" button to download the transfer form to execute this simple but tax-wise gift.


Maximize your giving across the board by establishing your own donor-advised fund (DAF) through National Christian Foundation. This is like establishing your own foundation--but without the fees, taxes, labor, and filings required to start and maintain a foundation, so the value of your contributions go further toward the missions of your favorite charities, including Messenger Films. DAF gifts are generally qualified for a full-market-value charitable deduction, and permit disbursement to the Messenger Films Single Charity Fund without unfavorable restrictions and excise taxes.


There are specific times and events in your life when planning your gifts can result in great benefits for both you and your favorite charities. These events may include the sale of appreciated assets, sale of a business, property sale, or liquidation of luxury items. All of these are excellent times to consider a Planned Gift to Messenger Films Single Charity Fund. This process typically involves the assistance of financial professionals such as your accountant, attorney, or financial adviser.


Legacy planning, through your estate or trust, is an important part of managing your resources as godly stewards. A legacy plan starts today and extends beyond your lifetime as resources gifted to Messenger Films are used to help make an impact in the education and awareness of Christian principles via beautiful cinematic stories of hope. Your legacy plan has the potential to make an eternal difference with just a few added simple sentences and a meeting with your estate or trust planning attorney.

For more information about these and other ways to give, contact Jeff Diercks at jdiercks@intrustadvisors.com or call 813-857-8362.