Undaunted – Messenger Films



Undaunted is the true story of Josh McDowell’s spiritual journey as told in docudrama format.


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Born on a small dairy farm in Michigan, McDowell’s childhood was fraught with heartache and family dysfunction.  His father’s violent alcoholism, coupled with sexual abuse from a farmhand, filled him with seething rage and deep shame that plagued his teen years.  Eager to rail against the existence of a loving God, McDowell sought out conflict with a group of Christians in college, mocking their beliefs and scorning their faith until they issued him a challenge – prove God doesn’t exist.  McDowell took up the challenge readily, traveling the world in search of historical and textual evidence that would contradict Christianity.  What he found instead would change his life forever.


Best Docudrama and The Parable Award – Sabaoth International Film Festival (Milan, Italy 2012)

Best Docudrama – CEVMA Film Festival (Oberägeri, Switzerland 2012)

Best Evangelistic Film and Best Docudrama – ICVM Film Festival (2012)