Open Auditions Life or Death

****** OPEN AUDITIONS ******

Where: THE INSTITUTE OF MEXICO – Newtown Barracks, Belize City

When: SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 12th from 10 AM to 2 PM

Life or Death – Pilot Episode

Dominic Beaubien: Late 50s; a college professor and ex-con. The years have treated him harshly, yet we see in his soulful eyes a quiet determination to make something meaningful of his life.

Carlos Gordon: Late 40s; a man of noble character. He is Dominic’s younger cousin; that rare breed of politician dedicated more to the betterment of his nation than narrow self-interest.

Wu Xiang: Early 40s; professional assassin. He has been trained to keep his feelings in check, but his past is catching up on him and putting dents in the shield. He struggles with alcoholism and the burdens of a guilty conscience.

Baltazar Quiñones: Early 70s; ruthless and manipulative. He is near the end of his second term in office as the president of Costaguana and thereby ineligible for a third term. Do not underestimate his capacity for villainy.

Ernesto Beaubien: Early 80s and not in the best of health. He is irascible and strong-willed; the first democratically elected president of Costaguana.

Dorothy Beaubien: Early 60s; friendly and insightful. She is the Canadian-born second wife of Ernesto Beaubien.

Lakeisha Burton: Mid to late 30s; smart and attractive. She’s known countrywide as an ace television news reporter who takes pride in getting the “scoop”.

Albert Rodriguez:Late 20s; laconic news cameraman and Lakeisha’s sidekick. He’s a techie who loves his camera gear.

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Life or Death

Dominic Beaubien, son of a prominent political family, must decide whether to take up the mantle of his assassinated cousin, and run for president of his beleaguered nation, or succumb to the status quo of corruption. A hired assassin charts his every move.

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